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 Coronavirus Update

22nd May 2020 - School closure check in Edition 7

22nd May 2020 - Support for parents re children return to school

22nd May 2020 - Online Safety webinar

20th May 2020 - The Safe Reopening of Schools

15th May 2020 - Plans to re-open the school

15th May 2020 -  Urgent Survey Re-opening of school

12th May 2020 - Guidance Opening schools and educational settings to more pupils from 1 June: Guidance for parents and carers

7th May 2020 - School Closure Check - in Edition 5

7th May 2020 - Hall Green Families Flyer

4th May 2020 - Action Calendar - Meaningful May 2020

1st May 2020 - School Closure Check-in Edition 4

1st May 2020 - Mental Health Support Launched for Birmingham

1st May 2020 - V-E Day 75th Anniversary

27th April 2020 - 200 million minutes reading challenge

24th April 2020 - School Closure Check-in Edition 3 

24th April 2020 - Birmingham Educational Psychology Service helpline for Parents and Carers

21st April 2020 - 200 million minutes reading Challenge

20th April 2020 - School Closure Check-in Edition 2 

17th April 2020 - COVID 19 Safeguarding Policy 

1st April 2020 - School Closure Check-in Edition 1 

25th March 2020 - Online Safety Guidance COVID - 19

25th March 2020 - Home Learning Reminder

24th March 2020 - Support in the Community

20th March 2020 - Letter from BCC Director of Education & Skills

19th March 2020 - Frequently asked questions 

19th March 2020 - Coronavirus Update

18th March 2020 - Coronavirus Update 

 17th March 2020 - Coronavirus Update

 Tuesday 10th March 2020 - New school letter regarding Coronavirus update 

In response to concerns about the possible spread of the Coronavirus, we want to keep you well informed with up to date information. We have put some links on the school website homepage to the Government guidance which is updated daily. We will follow this advice and ask you to do the same. 

The NHS also have a link for frequently asked questions that you may find useful.

Please notify the school if you have recently travelled to, or been in contact with someone who has travelled to, one of the places listed in the document below.

Thank you






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