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The main aim of the PTA is to advance the education of all our children by developing effective relationships between staff, parents and others associated with the school.  We also engage in fundraising activities and provide equipment which supports the school.

The PTA believes one of the best ways to improve the school and our children's learning, is to create a real family within.  We do this by organising events for both the children and their families and really try to encourage involvement in our school community.  The funds that we raise from these events are used to provide resources and equipment that will make life better for our children by providing things that may not have been available by any other means.

In the academic year 2016-2017 the PTA donated £5000 to the school to support the purchase of ICT hardware, namely IPad.The PTA raised a total of £1782 in this school year and were able to gain matched funding from HSBC Bank following our annual Summer Fair in July.

A simple way to generate a free cash donation to Chilcote Primary School PTA is to do your online shopping through  Once on the website join as a shopper/giver, choose to support our school and every time you shop online do so through

If you are able to help with any events then please contact us on or