Chilcote Primary School

A Rights Respecting School


Each year we admit 60 children into Reception. As the school operates a catchment area, places are offered to children living in the catchment area on a distance from the school basis. The admission criteria are currently as follows:

1. Looked after children (in public care)
2. Children in the catchment area who have a sibling attending the school at the time of admission.
3. Children living within the catchment area who live nearest to the school.
4. Children outside the catchment area who have a sibling attending the school at the time of admission.
5. Children outside the catchment who live nearest the school.

Please be advised that, for families with multiple children, some of whom already attend the school,  a house move/change of address to a location outside of the designated catchment area will adversely impact the chances of younger siblings being allocated a place at Chilcote,  specifically  in our Reception classes, but also applies to other year groups.

The Local Authority manages admissions for Reception at Chilcote Primary School and hold the waiting list for Reception until December each year.  The waiting lists for all other year groups are managed by the school office.  The school also manages admissions for Nursery and an application form can be downloaded from this page. 

A place in our Nursery does not guarantee a place in our Reception classes. Birmingham admissions can be contacted on 0121 675 0555 or emailed at the following address if you want details about the catchment area or to make sure you have the most accurate, up to date information on admission criteria.

PDF icon School Catchment

PDF icon Nursery Application Form