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Chilcote Primary School

Chilcote Primary School

All together we are Inspired, Motivated, Healthy, Independent, Generous and Happy.
Life at Chilcote Primary School Life at Chilcote Primary School Life at Chilcote Primary School


Getting the ethos and environment just right for learning is so important in a school and one thing that supports this is at Chilcote is a sequence of twenty two values that we focus on each month over two years.

The values are:

 Month  2018 - 2019  2019 - 2020
September Positivity Helpfulness
October Perseverance Patience
November Tolerance (tolerance day 16th November) Fairness
December Responsibility Humility
January Co-operation Peace
February Friendliness  Courtesy
March Resilience Courage
April Honesty Freedom (Freedom day around 27th April)


Caring Loyalty
June Trust Independence
July Empathy Respect

You can access parental information about the values by clicking on the images below. 





The positive, productive and friendly ethos of the school is also supported by the school's vision, golden rule (‘We respect and care for each other and our school.’) and numerous pupil voice opportunities which include a School Council, Food Group, Peer Mediators, House Captains, Play Leaders, Song Leaders, International Team and Eco Team.  To keep up to date with the actions of the School Council take a look at their blog posts.