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Chilcote Primary School

Chilcote Primary School

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Life at Chilcote Primary School Life at Chilcote Primary School Life at Chilcote Primary School

House System

At Chilcote Primary School we have four Houses: Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz.

Each pupil is allocated into one of the houses. Throughout the year they participate in many different house events including quizzes and sporting competitions.

Pupils from Year 1 onwards also try to earn house points in order to win prizes for themselves, but also to contribute to a whole house total. The house with the most house points at the end of the year will win a trophy.

To lead our houses at the beginning of the year, a House Captain and a Vice Captain are elected from the Year 6 pupils. The house Captain and the Vice House Captain this year are:

Emerald: House Captain: Eva                           Vice Captain: Rohan

Ruby: House Captain: Umar                             Vice Captain: Amy

Sapphire: House Captain: Etik                          Vice Captain: Grace

Topaz: House Captain: Kyle                              Vice Captain: Abi-Gayle

We also have house mottos to keep our house members inspired to aim high:

Resilient Ruby rising like a rocket

Excellent Emerald emerging from the Earth

Triumphant Topaz travelling to the top

Super Sapphire shooting to the sky