Chilcote Primary School

A Rights Respecting School


A schools Governing board should fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • help the school to set high standards by planning for the school's future and setting targets for school improvement
  • monitor and support school improvement
  • be a critical friend to the school, offering support and advice
  • help the school respond to the needs of parents and the community
  • make the school accountable to the public for what it does
  • work with the school on planning, developing policies and keeping the school under review
  • exercise its responsibilities and powers in partnership with the headteacher and staff
  • The headteacher is responsible for the day to day management of the school.  Governors may assist with this if called upon in times of extreme difficulty.

Chilcote’s Governing board meets at least four times a year as a full governing board and at numerous times between these meetings as committees.  There are three committees which perform a variety of different tasks.


Curriculum and Standards

This committee reviews many of the schools policies, assists in the writing of the school development plan each year and finds out about how subjects are taught in schools.


Finance and Staffing Committee

This committee is tasked with approving and monitoring the school budget, approving policies relating to finance and authorising payments that exceed the headteacher’s delegated limit.

Members of this committee are often involved in the recruitment of new staff; reading application forms and asking questions as part of an interview panel.  The Finance and Staffing Committee scrutinises policies relating to staffing.

 Our Governors 2020-2021

Rev Martin Stephenson - Co-opted

Dean Thompson - Parent (from September 2019)

Nicola Kelly - Co-opted (Vice Chair of Governors)

Pauline Okirie - Local Authority

Mathew Gostelow - Parent (from September 2019)

Eleanor Ashton - Teacher

Karl Merrick - Co-opted

Dawn Guren - Co opted

Leon Clifford - Parent

Jill Blower - Clerk

Graham White - Co-opted

Saiqa Andleeb - Parent 

Wahid Zaman - Co-opted (Chair of Governors)

Debbie Doherty - Headteacher


Governing Board Annual Statement  2018-19

This Annual Statement serves three core purposes:

1. To communicate to stakeholders the school’s key achievements in the current
academic year and to outline proposals for key objectives for the school development
in the year ahead

2. To provide a summary of the Board’s key responsibilities

3. To respond to any specific matters which impact the whole school community

The role of the Governing Board

In accordance with the Government’s requirement, the three core strategic functions
underpinning how Chilcote’s Governing Board (GB) operate are:

1. To ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

2. To delegate the operational management of the school to the Headteacher and
holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school
and its pupils

3. To over-see the financial performance of the school, making sure the school budget
share is well spent

Governing Board Committee Structure

In addition to the termly Full Governing Board meetings, the Board comprises three principal

Sub-committee Key functions
Staffing Recruitment and selection of new staff; monitoring the performance of staff; making decisions about pay progression
Finance Setting and monitoring the budget; overseeing the financial management of the school
Curriculum and Standards Monitoring the implementation of curriculum and data outcomes for pupils

 Additionally, the following committees exist within the Board structure:

1. Pay Committee
2. Headteacher’s Performance Management Committee
3. Appeals Committee. 

  Governor Strategy Document 2018-19 review


Objective/target Key Performance indicator(s) Review

To explore and implement meta-cognition strategies into our teaching


  • Staff understand and begin to use meta-cognition strategies in their provision
  • Strategies are embedded in practice
  • Positive impact on pupils' understanding of learning processes is evident over time

Initial staff training session were held in November 2018 and were well received.


Championed by a member of staff undertaking MA degree in Meta -cognition.


Meta-cognition strategies starting to
become embedded in teaching.
Evidence on planning and displays in
class. This is further supported by
governor observations in class and
anecdotal statements from staff who
report very positive outcomes.


A complete evaluation of the impact of meta-cognition strategies on pupils will form part of the ‘School Development Plan 2019-20’


*To participate in the
Achievement for All











  • Current Pupil Premium provision further refined to enable accelerate progress
  •  Increase in % of PP pupils meeting ARE, thus narrowing the gap 
  • Parents of PP pupils better informed

Proactive steps taken; Coach assigned,
and collaborating with internal AFA
team [HT Report March ‘19].

Support for Pupil Premium (PP) pupils
is key element of this collaboration

Structured conversations have
facilitated improved communication
and have been succesful at providing
pupils with targets, both at home and
in school. These have been productive
and welcomed by parents.

AFA success is further supported by
governor observations through
monitoring data, feedback and
anecdotal statements from staff
responsible for its implementation.

Continuous improvement of PP
management will be informed by the
School & Governor Support (S&GS)
new “Guide on the Pupil Premium”
June 2019.

To create a bespoke Writing strategy

  • Strategies detailed in the document are used consistently across the school
  • Quality of pupils’ writing improves over time





“Very good progress as a result of good leadership,” supported through review meetings and training. [Full Board Meeting – March ‘19].


Significant improvement noticed in quality of writing in books. Starting to become embedded in the teaching of Writing across the school. To be extended to next academic year to fully embed.

To create a Communciations Strategy

  • Working party agree document content
  • Communication between school and home is significantly improved

The working party has created a bespoke and effective Communications Strategy document. In doing this, the effectiveness of the website was considered and is being overhauled as a result.

Implement the Active 30:30 initiative

  • Increased opportunities for physical activity made available throughout the school day
  • Increase in pupils levels of engagement within lessons
  •  Improved fitness levels

Training by PE co-ordinator has been delivered and is being implemented with some success.

Pupils are using the Chilcote kilometre and active 30/30 activities daily.


There is recognition that “more ways to get the children active whilst at school, through structured activity,” is recommended – [C&S meeting on 26.2.19]


Led by the P.E. Lead, this will form part of the whole school development objectives for next year and as a component of the new school Vision.

To complete next phase towards achieving UNICEF Gold status PDBW

  • Gold status awarded

Evidence collated; on target to achieve Gold status– awaiting Assessment and report on the 16th July 2019

Establish an agreed framework for formal school-to-school collaboration

  • Partner(s) identified
  • Framework/model for partnership work agreed

Appropriate progress evident.

  •  Potential areas for collaboration between Chilcote and Woodthorpe agreed.
  •  Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreed – July ‘19
  • Adoption awaiting ratification by both Governing Boards

Review and create a revised school Vision statement

  • Vision agreed and shared with all stakeholders
  • Future priorities/provision reflect the vision

The importance of clear Vision driven strategic planning of priority improvements is whole heartedly accepted – with progress towards that end evident (Spring Term FGB meeting minutes).

Staff and Governors to collaborate through September ’19 to establish a Vision


Vision to fully reflect and incorporate the revised OFSTED inspection framework


To further improve Governing Body effectiveness

  • Devise subcommittee schedules of work
  •  Participate in a school review
  • Participate in Governor effectiveness training

A new structure to the GB, combining ‘Finance’ and ‘Staffing’ has been proposed. Discussions towards ratification deferred to the Autumn term


Development of the Board’s governance competency continuous – with training evident. However, further engagement regarding aspects of monitoring is recommended.


Some key roles to protect with movement of board members; e.g. Safeguarding Governor


A Risk Register was introduced in Autumn 2018 - now an agenda item at every meeting.


School review postponed in favour of Governor effectiveness training. This was successfully delivered in March 2019. Further training is required as a consequence of the revised OFSTED Inspection Framework which comes into effect in September 2019.

Plan for reduction in school funding


  • Contingency plans in place to support loss of funding
  • Review of LA compliance documents



National pressures on School funding continues to focus resolve on managing funds effectively.

A strategy for controlling percentage of school budget to be allocated to staffing costs is intended for 2019 and 2020 ahead of the new funding round.

Plans in place for additional income generation.

GDPR compliance


A comprehensive General Data Protection Regulations Policy for Chilcote was issued in December 2018


Training received by staff and fully implemented.

 Proposals for priorities for the 2019/20 School Development Plan

Chilcote, like all schools, is on an improvement path. The Governing Board will continue to seek out improvement opportunities1 , with priority given to the following objectives:

i. Establish clear Vision driven strategic planning to assure improvement intent, implementation, and impact.

ii. Curriculum redesign to embrace revised OFSTED framework – aimed at nurturing a greater focus on the quality of education

iii. Finalising the Writing Strategy

iv. Evaluating the impact of meta-cognition strategies on pupils

End of Year Message to all stakeholders

Yet again, this has been another successful year at Chilcote School with positive learning behaviours and attitudes continuing to be evident throughout.

Key successes of this year have been:

  • ï‚· The implementation of Meta-cognition throughout the school, developing young critical thinkers who are self-disciplined and self-correcting
  • ï‚· Devising a bespoke Writing Strategy which has begun to demonstrable improvements in the quality of pupils’ writing in books and in teacher subject knowledge
  • ï‚· Although we are awaiting the results of our UNICEF Gold inspection, we believe that the ‘Rights Respecting School’ initiative has been a fruitful and positive experience that has enhanced the culture of the school
  • ï‚· Resources and finances continue to be managed effectively in a challenging financial and political environment.    

Looking forward to the next academic year, we intend to continue to refine our strategic governance. We are confident that the priorities identified will continue to improve the effectiveness of Chilcote School, and its role in the community.

The Board would like to say farewell and thank you to Matt Sparling and Ann Bailey for their contributions to the GB and life at Chilcote over the last 13 and 4 years respectively. We would also like to thank the Headteacher, teaching and non-teaching staff for their professionalism, dedication and hard work, specifically Mrs Lampitt and Mrs Bramley who are moving on to pastures new. We are grateful to all parents, as well as our hardworking and dedicated PTA, for investing in the welfare and successes of our school and its children: the best outcomes for any child will ensue when we work together.


July 2019